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OHIP Coverage

As of November 1st , 2004, routine eye examinations provided by either an optometrist or physician, for patients aged 20 to 64 are no longer covered by OHIP. Please call our Oakville optometry practice to find out what the current fees are for non-OHIP covered services.

Children, aged 0 to 19 years, and seniors, aged 65 and older, remain OHIP covered for a complete eye examination once over a 12 month period.

People aged 20 to 64 are OHIP covered with specific eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, amblyopia, strabismus, visual field defects, retinal disease, corneal disease and certain medical conditions like diabetes. Please call our office if you have any questions about OHIP coverage.

Many Ontario insurance companies have added eye examinations to their coverage. It is recommended that you contact your Benefits Provider to inquire about coverage through your own insurance plan.

Below is a list of Insurance Providers:

  • Blue Cross1-800-234-8881 or 416-626-1688
  • Clarica1-888-864-5463
  • Great West Life1-800-461-6090 or 1-800-665-2648
  • Manulife and Maritime Life1-800-268-6195
  • Sun Life1-800-361-6212 or 1-800-361-2128

COVID-19 Update:  Following the directive from the Government of Ontario, Dr. Pachler’s Office will be closed until Monday, April 6th or until further notice as a precaution to help protect our patients, staff members and the community against the spread of COVID-19.  Should you experience an ocular emergency at this time, please request an e-assessment at for access or go directly to the nearest hospital emergency care centre.  Appointments that were scheduled between March 20th and April 6th inclusive have been canceled.  Please contact us to reschedule your appointment once the office re-opens.  In the event that the office is closed beyond April 6th, we will send another notice.  We thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter.  Stay Safe and Healthy!

To Contact Us:  Please do so through our web portal (, which will be checked daily.

Contact Lens Re-Orders:  Please leave a message through our web portal. All re-orders will be direct shipped to your residence.

Thank and Stay Safe!

Dr. Pachler